Current project: Project X a.k.a. Wolfenstein


I’m working on a new game, codenamed ‘Wolfenstein’. It’s nothing like id’s Wolfenstein 3D (or newer variants, but I choose it anyway, cos’ I want it to become my ‘Wolfenstein’. Best game ever (highly debatable)!



Anyway, the game is going to be a  2D platformer with exploration, maybe some RPG elements (leveling up and stuff), mixed with lots of action.  Think Iji, only in flash. Also, you should try Iji if you haven’t already, it’s an awesome game. Back to my game…

Game will feature 5×5 levels grid, forming various completion paths (currently seven of them), different enemy types, 6+ weapon types and more. Graphics style I’m going for will be a mix of Limbo and Another World and story set in the future on a planet far far away (no, nothing like Star Wars though).

Currently I’m working on the game engine itself, but decided not go into details and polish, because that normally drains me out and I loose enthusiasm after laying down the groundwork.


Progress report 

I’ve spent whole yesterday afternoon working on a level editor, because editing levels via grid system failed miserably. Everything turned out being unreadable, so I had to develop my own level editor and that should speed up things a bit. The plan yesterday was to start working on enemies and their AI, but had to postpone that due to level editing issue. Still, I managed to code a bit of enemy AI, patrolling and stopping when player comes in sight.  Today’s plan: continue building 1st level and coding enemy AI.

Tech ramblings

Level ‘outline’ (walls and space outside the level) are all one image, meaning decreased object load – I place collision boxes (32 x 32 pixels wall piece) for the walls and that’s it. No outside tiles no nothing. I’ve also optimized collision boxes checking, so game checks only those who are less or equal 128 pixels away from player. This way game checks only few collision boxes instead of tons of them. Pretty neat. Both techniques leave a lot of space for other objects and save quite a lot of calculating time (although one image per level ‘outline’ means more of loading time due to larger swf file of the game).

[ProjectX]Progress report, day 2

Okay, so here it is, progress report for day 2 on ProjectX.

What’s new? I’ve added player graphics with animations and stuff – there are 5 player character sheets at the moment, for running in two directions, standing still and jumping. Running and jumping animations have been implemented, while I work on standing / idle animation (I’m having logic problems with different amounts of frames per animation and general counter that applies to all animations).

I’ve also worked on enemy AI. Enemy has 3 states – patrolling, standing idle for few seconds and engaging player. They will normally move around, stop at random and the proceed with moving around or stop completely when they spot a player.

This is the process for the AI:

Enemy i’m working on: I’ve also added some particles for enemy blood and particles emitting from electrical barriers. Player can now shoot with S key, yay.

Stuff to fix in near future Idle animation for player’s character, jumping through walls from bellow, descending on stairs (while player.x == ladder.x worked with square sprite this method fails with new sprites, where player can’t see if hes aligned with ladder via x position or not) and more…

Stuff to add in near future Build levels, add objects, add enemy sprites, add different enemies, add different weapons, make enemies shoot, …

The Most Recent Distraction

Recently I was contacted by an Australian company that requested I help them develop elements of a new pokie machine game they are creating. Though at first I was hesitant in the end I decided to put my current projects aside for a while and go with it. I only took this job because the money was soooo good and i knew that if i didn’t take it someone else would have dont it. What would i really have saved by not doing it. The company I am contracting for is online pokies Australia a very reputable and large company in Australia that is the leader in pokie game reviews and development.
Anyway, I have to say the pokie game turned out great, though the subject matter was maybe a little boring to what I am used too the end result was high resolution graphics.


Here are some examples of the work I created, I unfortunately due to the nature of the contract an unable to show you my best work these logos are some of the core components to the game including the featured bonus logo and the free spin logo:


It looks like the game will be released in another fewcweeks and when it does i will be able to link you guys to it directly so you can check it out, you know if that kind of thing interests you.

So now back to my personal projects, this week i will be looking at spending the majority of my time working on Jets rampage, and doing so touch up work on the ProjectX stuff, with a little bit of luck I will be able to get back on schedule in no time at all but thanks for those of you who waited patiently for me to finish this job, the other good news is that I have managed to raise more funds as a result of my work on the pokie game project to funnel into my personal stuff which is always good.

ProjectX day 3, work in progress repository, Mindf*uck and more

Project X

I’ve been busy and productive and did quite a lot of work. Let’s start with Project X. Since the last post I’ve added:

  • Added support for multiple doors. You can now open force field doors with touching switches around the map. I’ll add screen indicator showing in the direction of the doors you opened (to lower the frustration and wondering which door actually opened) later on.
  • Armor HUD. Player will have only armor bar, showing how much armor he has – when depleted and shot, player dies.
  • Added few level objects. Alarm, fans, switches and elevator doors (indicating finishing point of the level).
  • Added some background details in level background.
  • Added enemy sprites!

So that’s that. Next on – next two levels (level 1 will have two exits leading to different levels). Also new enemies, level objects and most likely some sounds to bring things to life.


I’ve also created a little… prototype for a possible side project, entitled Mindf*uck. Not an original idea, but it seems interesting, especially if I add level editor and an option to play user/community created level

Just a reminder to myself – getAngle() function

Just a reminder to myself:

public function getAngle(inSourceX:int, inSourceY:int, inDestinationX:int, inDestinationY:int):int
	var radians:Number = Math.atan2(inSourceY - inDestinationY, inSourceX - inDestinationX);
	var degrees:Number = (radians / Math.PI) * 180;

	degrees = Math.abs(degrees - 180);

	return degrees;

What is it? It’s a function that returns angle in degrees from source to desired direction.

Progress on Jetz Rampage

I’ve been busy with Jetz Rampage lately (and a bit on Mindf*ck) lately, so I don’t burn out on Project X too fast. And so I’ve changed / added some stuff to Jetz:

  • controls are now arrow keys for movement and S for shooting (LMB still works though)
  • added healt pickup (15% chance to appear after destroying enemy)
  • added new healthbar graphics
  • added new explosion graphics
  • added shield effect on being shoot, rendering player immune to incoming projectiles for second and a half

I’ve got tons of ideas for Jetz, so I’ll probably write an entry about it in near future.

Something about Jetz Rampage Outbreak


Jetz Rampage Outbreak is a spinoff of a pretty asskicking Jetz series by Shawn Noel. While original Jetz games evolved around doing missions in a constrained environment of specific cities, Outbreak plays as a sidescrolling SHMUP game. Story happens after Jetz Rampage 4: Revenge – Jetz is captured by Government for destruction he caused and placed in a highly secured disassembling factory, waiting to be destroyed.

Still he manages to break loose…


Games is going to be a sidescrolling SHMUP as said before, with a bit of twist. Instead of fighting overwhelming number of enemies at the same time, player will face two or three enemies at the same time at most. Each fight will be more like a duel of skills than a duel of firepower.


Enemies will come in different forms and different difficulties. They will be random generated, with random body parts, random weapons and random stats.


Confirmed so far:

  • Machine gun: generic machine gun, default weapon, unlimited ammo
  •  Chaingun: faster version of machine gun
  • Splitshot: fires in a cone
  • Rocket launcher: fires slower moving rockets, dealing splash damage on impact
  • Railgun: fires a laser beam, dealing insane amounts of damage, lasting for for 2 seconds
  • Shrapnel launcher: fires a projectile that explodes in large number of shrapnels
  • Anihilator: fires a volley of rockets in a cone
  • Flamethrower: fires an insane amount of flames on a short distance
  • Heatseeker: machine gun, firing heat seeking projectiles


Energy is used for performing special abilities Jetz possess. It’s recharged by pickups and automatically, but very slow.

Energy abilities

  • EMP blast: shoots electromagnetic pulse, stunning enemy for a short duration
  • Power shield: turns on a shield that destroys an oncoming projectiles for a short duration
  • Energy reverser: creates a field of energy that stops all enemy projectiles, collects them and shoots them in opposite direction they originaly moved in
  • Time slow: slows time, how cool is that?

Importing XML in Oracle database, parse error

I’ve been working on a XML data transfer and got this error while importing XML file. Now the problem was I had two  EXACTLY the same syntax-wise files, one created manually, typed in Notepad++ and the other via C# code (VS2010). Still, the one from VS wouldn’t import no matter what. So I tried stuff, googled, etc. until I finally realized there was a difference after all – file created manually was saved in ANSI encoding, while the non-working one was saved in UTF-8. UTF-8 wouldn’t import and would return the error copy pasted above, so I saved it in ANSI encoding and BAM, it worked instantly.


Infinite Dreams

Infinite Dreams now has:

  • 6 finished, somewhat hard, levels
  • background music
  • jump/fall effects
  • 4 different types of environmental hazards
  • Auto-save function
  • Stats tracking (time spent playing, deaths).